Thirteen Months



Archimedes has begun his second year in great fashion.  His vocabulary has EXPLODED this month, he learned “blueberry”, “raspberry”, “down”, and invented his own sign language for “outside”.  He picked up the ASL for “cracker” in about 10 seconds flat… can you tell he’s a bit driven by food??

20140714-202348-73428312.jpgGrandma Cassy gave Archimedes this art for his wall for his birthday — it’s all made of the numbers of the Fibonacci sequence!


20140714-202349-73429796.jpg‘Meeting’ Abe Lincoln downtown.  Mom has been taking Thursdays off so the two of them get some time together, which is wonderful.  Archer is a new fan of slides, and a sometimes fan of swings.

20140714-202347-73427683.jpgMeditating in the garden, helping the sunflowers grow.  Archer is a big help in the garden, where he loves to imitate what the moms are doing.  He has a hard time distinguishing weeds from seedlings, and beds from paths, but he’s a very dedicated assistant!

20140714-202346-73426842.jpgMatchy-matchy with Grandpa John!