The Little Bird

We’re growing a different kind of crop this year! Our Little Bird is due in mid-May. We’re so excited to meet our newest family member!

Megan and Little Bird, Beginning, Middle and End of the Second Trimester

We are so lucky to be the beneficiaries of many parents who have gone before us, and are already finding ourselves well stocked on baby-related items clobetasol 0.05! There are a few items we don’t have yet, and we’ve put them together in a registry for you to peruse.

Please don’t feel obligated so send anything at all, but, if you’d really like to participate, please know that what we would really love would be to receive donations of your favorite children or young adult book with an inscription to our new family member.

Above all, you know us: we really would like to avoid toys, clothes, and accessories that involve plastic, overly gendered items (pink sparkly princesses and sports references are a no!) and the label Made In China, if at all possible, and other than that, we love you whatever you send, as long as it’s good vibes.

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