The Wedding

The Story

Megan and Talina met in 2006, in Seattle. They were married on July 25, 2009, in Willamina, Oregon, in the presence of nearly 100 of their favorite people in the whole world. There was kazooing and square dancing and fancy burger fixings and amazing exploding ginger ale. It was a wedding, and we’re so very grateful for all the support and love and just general amazingness that helped us have our day. Thank you.

Wedding March


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Um, Is This Legal?

Technically, no. No, it is not viagra generique. The State of Oregon does not legally recognize marriage for same-sex couples.  We do, however, have the option of becoming DomesticPartnershipped, which is about as fun as it sounds.  You can read up on more history here and here.

Talina and Megan are already registered Domestic Partners in the state of Washington and the state of Oregon, but unfortunately, Washington and Oregon’s domestic partnership laws are unique to the state’s borders, meaning that if we are outside the state in which we are legally recognized domestic partners, our union is not recognized by other states (or countries).  When we moved to Oregon, we had to get re-DomesticPartnershipped.   And yes, we had to pay for that, and yes, that is unfair. Also, Washington gave us cool laminated wallet cards, but Oregon only gave us a flimsy paper certificate. Where’s our wallet cards, Oregon??

Other things that aren’t fair include the fact that, despite Megan’s company being awesome and providing partner benefits, the federal government taxes them as though they were additional income (tip: they don’t do that to the straight couples). Also, don’t even get Megan started on how much she overpaid in federal income taxes while Talina was in grad school because, well, let’s just say it was a lot.

But, this ceremony wasn’t for the lawyers or the tax benefits! This ceremony was intended to allow us to publicly announce our intentions to each other in the presence of everyone we love, and luckily there are absolutely no laws against that. Thank you for joining us!

It Gets Better

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