Wedding Photos!


The wedding photos have arrived. You can access them by going to
There will be a client log in button at the bottom and then it will ask you for a password. The log in and password name are both “Koster”. You will then be able to see all 812 photos taken by our photographer.

If you would like to order nice prints, you can do so directly from Jelani’s site. If you would like to have us send you a digital copy of any of the photos just let us know and we will get on that as soon as we get the hard copies ourselves.

Note: 812 photos takes a LONG time to go through…..we speak from experience. So, screen the thumbnails or settle in because it is no fair stopping in the middle. Many our favorites are at the end.

Second Note: The slide show will only take you through the first 500 photos. If you take the slide show route you will need to go back to the main page after the 500th photo and pick up from there.

Thank you all, so much, again. The wedding was amazing and beautiful and all thanks to you. We hope you enjoy the photos.

Love and Love,