Eight Months

Lots of developmental changes for Archer this month.  He’s crawling like a racer now, cackling and asking to be chased, sticking EVERYTHING in his mouth (and turning his back to try to hide from us when he does).


After this photo was taken he took several steps away from Grandpa to try to get his green toy.


It’s so hard to believe this perfect little human face is the result of so much science and hard work.  His nose is red because he just did a face plant into a bookshelf… more science and hard work required yet, I think.


FOOD!  After wavering in his interest, Archer rediscovered food this month and he is in LOVE.  Rice, especially, is the best thing, but potatoes are also his favorite.  He eats a banana regularly at Grandma’s house for breakfast, too.

Seven Months


At the beach with Mom and Bosa in Lincoln City.  Beautiful but SO cold!


Enjoying his holiday present from the moms: an awesome tree stacking toy from Plan


All decked out for the cold weather this month: wearing his dinosaur hat and his accidentally matching winter Ergo leggings made by Grandma Glenna.