Twelve Months

Archer’s 12th month was full of moments where his moms looked at each other and said, “he’s such a kid!”. A toddler for sure, no more an infant at all! Archer has opinions, plans, and the physical ability to carry them all out: he stays busy ALL. DAY. LONG. Now that the weather is nice, he spends a lot of his days with Grandma outside in the back yard, where he busily moves sand around, de-mosses rocks, and helps feed the chickens. He loves to play chase, eats like a teenager, and is diligently learning to use a fork and spoon.

In early May we flew to LA to visit good friends. Archer did so well on the flight, hardly fussing at all and generally easy to entertain clicca per info. Mom read him a book… briefly.

For Mama’s birthday in mid-may, we went to a plant nursery in the heat of the day. Archer enjoys hats, so we made him one from a small fabric planter. He got to eat ice cream from a cone this day, and loved it. He uses “more” very well in context now, but also understands that “all done” means there is no more to have… even when it makes him sad.

Most mornings we let Archer choose what clothing items he wants to wear. He’s a fashion maven for sure!