One Year Ago Today

On Saturday, October 8, 2011, we first came out to look at the Canyonview property. Since that was exactly one year ago today, we thought we’d take a few comparative photos to demonstrate what’s changed in the last year.

We took out the fencing from the barn pasture (it was over the septic tank, and not a good pasture area) to eventually turn it into a lawn.  And we apparently lined up a zillion plants in pots on the sidewalk on the south side of the house!


We turned the horse pasture into a garden, to be expanded next year.  The garden doesn’t look so impressive now — fall has come, and with it, hungry deer who demolished our temporary deer fencing and ate most of our greens.  The quinoa and corn have been pulled down, and the squash taken in – all we’ve got left is basil and tomatoes.  Luckily, two of my favorite things.


We planted a temporary garden in the half-circle – next year it will be turned into lawn to make it easier to care for.  We also re-did all the fencing around the barn, replacing the horse fencing with field fencing to keep the birds in.  And we replaced that horse with a lot of birds and some super cute sheep!


Inside the house!!  We didn’t do as many physical changes to this room, but replacing the huge dark couches with a kids play area and some lighter colored furniture made a huge difference in this room.


The kitchen and living room.. we replaced the horrible blue carpet, repainted the walls, and got a new fridge for the kitchen.  And yeah, the kitchen looks a bit messier — all that food on the counters waiting to be put up for winter!


Not so bad for a year (really, 10 months of living here).  There is so much left to be done, but we’re pretty proud of our accomplishments in 2012.  Looking forward to more next year!