Eleven Months

Archer’s eleventh month was such a busy adventure!  So much walking and exploring to be done, and so many new thoughts and opinions.


There are new kids on the farm younger than Archimedes now.  They’re okay.


Opinions: he has them.  He spent a week deciding he didn’t need to go to sleep at all ever… his godmother got us this pillow in a miracle of foresight!


Smoothie time!  Gotta use up last summer’s berries before this summer brings us more.  Archer had some great berry lipstick going on in the sun.


We are seeing a lot more use of sign language; he uses “more”, “food”, and “up” frequently, and has just started using “all done” in correct context.  He’s very good at climbing up and even better at being safe getting down, which is great!  He’s still very attentive and usually complies when asked, although he does love to run away when you mention a diaper change, he is pretty good at being still for the change itself.

So hard to believe it’s almost been a year…

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