Ten Months

Archer spent his eleventh month becoming such a toddler.  He is an expert walker now, and is learning to get down stairs, as well.


Grandpa John came to visit from Arizona for a little while – this time, Archer seemed to recognize him, and had a lot of fun hanging out with him.


We had a big work party in late March, and Archer was a big help outside.  He hung out with his Tia Ana…


And really loves playing on the front patio. Like a boss.


Mom took him for a walk at Miller Woods and he did a great job hiking the trails!


One more month and we have a one year old on our hands… he’s already walking and talking so much, we just want things to slow down a little so we can enjoy them!  Archimedes is such a happy, fun-loving kid already, we are excited about a summer together.

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